Something peculiar happened to my otherwise mint condition 1st generation (currently known as the Series 0 Ye Olde Greybeard Edition) aluminum Apple Watch Sport Space Gray 42mm last weekend.

Uh oh

Uh oh

Unsurprisingly the water resistance rating takes a few hits if the whole front display assembly pops off on its own so I brought it to my nearest Apple store immediately.

Whole thing strikes as a weird manufacturing defect as display assembly seals and glue absolutely should last much longer than <2 years under normal use but we'll see how Apple Finland responds.

Few thoughts about Apple's rumored Echo competitor.

  1. Handoff. How much or none at all? Apple has been expanding the Handoff technology. Watch OS3 supports unlocking Mac automatically from Apple Watch wifi signal time of flight calculations and some interesting features could be built on top of it, such as like silent text answers delivered to Apple Watch or user voice identification and authentication.
  2. Global rollout from the get-go. Compared to Amazon Echo products and Google Home, Siri supports multiple languages out of the box and Siri services are already available and supported globally. Amazon Echo and Google Home products have so far been stuck in U.S. (with few exceptions) and no roadmap or time frame for expanding their supported languages.

Testing iPhone 7 Plus with Mavis iOS app. Pulls very nice frames. Bummer there's no shutter angle option so you have to do some mental gymnastics to calculate shutter speeds to match production camera footage.

Click for full size UHD frame capture of Mavis 24fps 1/48 sec 50 Mbps

iOS VPN service Tunnel Bear edits their privacy policy proactively.

Nice update and communicated clearly what the changes are and why they were included in the first place

Good to see personal VPN services with great UX gaining traction and public interest.

Law enforcement and government agencies are surprisingly not happy (for misguided reasons). We are in a winner-takes-all race between unbreakable encryption and criminalizing strong encryption.

I support everyone fighting for increased privacy and digital protections.